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Can't delegate? Ah, you're probably a maximizer

Important question from a reader -


I have come to believe that motivation is a limited and renewable resource. My day job as a trader is intense and stressful and I am left with little motivation by the end of the day. I have realized that I need to shift from working hard to working smart. In my case, this means giving away maintenance tasks to others while I work on new creative projects. Unfortunately, this is a challenge because I take on too much responsibility over my creations. I am hesitant to hand things off to others because I tend to micromanage. I need to learn how to let go of old responsibilities so I can take on new, and more profitable ones.

I suffered through the same thing.

You're probably a maximizer.

Thoughts of Sustainable Living

On Where Pianos Roam

I've been thinking more and more lately about sustainable living.  By "sustainable", I mean existing on this planet in ways that do not waste precious resources like water, electricity, and basically anything that comes from the earth.

For now, I take a bunch of items such as plastic bottles, glass, and plastic bags to be recycled once a week.  Anything I don't use I donate to Goodwill for someone else to utilize.  I've quit driving to the gym in favor of walking and riding my bike in my neighborhood.  I take quick showers, and I'm thinking of planting a small vegetable garden.  These are tiny baby steps in my life that I take to live more harmoniously and less selfishly in this world. 

I've been thinking more and more about other teeny, tiny steps I can take. 

The other day, I found this .  .  .

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