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Lights Spreadsheet Week 8: Continual Readjustment

The "Lights Spreadsheet" concept is pretty well-covered at this point. This was Week 8. I think you understand the general concept of what's going on here.

I'll definitely keep using this; it's a wonderful control and it promotes good action.

But I ask myself, "Is this still worth covering on the blog weekly? It works, but is it interesting to read about?"

You're welcome to weigh in -- actually, please do comment and let me know if you find these posts worthwhile in particular, I always appreciate more feedback on what people really like -- but my basic thinking is that picking a specific point or two each week would be more fruitful and actionable.

Dubious Battle #1: Faith vs Works

TSR is approaching the one-year mark.

As most of you probably already know, I write one long-form actionable historical essay every Thursday the The Strategic Review. I'm closing in on the one-year date of restarting TSR (last December), and there's been a really marvelous reception to TSR.

In fact, I've done almost no promotion, and TSR has net-gained in subscribers (more new people joining than unsubscribing) in 46 out of the 49 weeks TSR has been out there. That's nearly 100% word of mouth. I'm very, very grateful that everyone recommends TSR.

Some reader feedback to Dubious Battle #1: Faith vs Works

It's really a privilege to get unsolicited reader feedback like this --

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