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Dubious Battle #1: Faith vs Works

TSR is approaching the one-year mark.

As most of you probably already know, I write one long-form actionable historical essay every Thursday the The Strategic Review. I'm closing in on the one-year date of restarting TSR (last December), and there's been a really marvelous reception to TSR.

In fact, I've done almost no promotion, and TSR has net-gained in subscribers (more new people joining than unsubscribing) in 46 out of the 49 weeks TSR has been out there. That's nearly 100% word of mouth. I'm very, very grateful that everyone recommends TSR.

Some reader feedback to Dubious Battle #1: Faith vs Works

It's really a privilege to get unsolicited reader feedback like this --

Some Thoughts On Writing ~6000 Words Per Week

I started a new series on TSR recently, Celerity -- about how to build the character traits of speed into your life. In response to Celerity #1: Frenzied Genius, I got a very nice email from a friend of mine who is both a CEO and an amazing writer himself, asking --

"Really enjoyed reading this. The pace of my life recently has made me lose any inspiration to write - not necessarily a bad thing, and the 10 days you describe are something I hope to have one day. How do you manage to write so much and keep it to such a high quality? Does the stimulus come naturally?"

I wound up writing what turned out to be a long reply, maybe there's some useful points in there for you --

Thank you, and that's a very high compliment from you -- you're one of the most lucid thinkers I know. No flattery there -- you're one of the few people I read and then am reliably genuinely surprised and informed.

How I do it, the obvious stuff:

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