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The Neurosis of Long Term Habit Change

Just had a smart conversation yesterday about this. It's been something I've been thinking on for a while.

There's a bit of a problem with long term habit change. If you're working on something that takes a while to achieve, you spend a lot of time falling short of your target and aware of it.

So, let's say you were currently drinking a lot of soda, and you want to quit.

You start replacing soda with other drinks, trying to order different things at restaurants, buy other things, turn friends and family down when they offer you a soda, get a bottled water instead of a coke at the movie theater with popcorn, etc, etc, etc.

Sometimes you go to a barbecue or a cheap lunch with pizza, and the only drink is soda. You try to just have nothing those times.


On Cameron Chardukian

One of the most important life lessons I’ve ever learned is you can fit in, or you can stand out. You can’t do both. The moment you decide to start improving your life you’re going to start attracting haters.

A lot of people will get offended when they see you making positive changes in your life because it makes them look bad. These people will attempt to bring you down to their level in order to preserve their ego. They’ll tell you you’re being unrealistic and that you should just give up because you’ll never amount to anything.

Don’t worry about them though. It’s unintelligent to focus on what the haters are saying for two reasons.

Another problem with haters is people tend to focus on them too much. I see a lot of people attempting to do something not because they care or are passionate about it, but simply because they want to prove the haters wrong. What are the problems with that you ask?

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