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Tokugawa's Generals, and Being a Great Follower

Good questions from a reader -

There are some questions I want to ask you about the shogun era.

Why didn't the generals around Tokugawa Ieyasu aim for more power?

What were their end game?

The Brazen Two-Faced Building

On Silber Zalman

There is no doubt that Germany, with its rich history, has some of the most beautiful and interesting places of interest. On my visit, I did not want to feel at home per se but rather like an explorer discovering new and interesting things. One such discovery was the Holstentor. Constructed with two different facades, the Holstentor composes of a north and south tower sandwiched between a main building. There is a field side and a city side which depending on the side you enter from, you will get a different impression. The field side shows the lines that separate the building, giving me the distinct impression that the main building is squeezed in between the two north and south cylindrical towers. The city side makes the building look like it is a complete structure; there is no distinct separation. While walking under the open passage that runs directly under the midsection of the building, I couldn’t help but feel like I was crossing over to the other side of history. The building is now a museum and word is it had originally contained a torture chamber but was removed some years ago. I’m glad I didn’t get to see that.

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