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"What the Way of Heaven Hates Most is Extravagance"

I came across this story about Tokugawa Ieyasu from the "Tokugawa jikki." For context, remember the era and how hierarchy was treated at the time - this was actually recorded by a scribe 400 years ago.

Remember the societal roles of the era, which will seem out of place compared to 2011. That's not the point of sharing it - it's the views on money, austerity, and what to prioritize that are worth learning from -


Once, Okaji-no-tsubone ordered her women to wash a white kosode [of Ieyasu] that had become smudged. The women hurt their fingers, and blood flowed from the wounds; she thought it a very cruel task. Since he did have so many clothes, she asked whether it would be all right that they would not wash them anymore, and that he would wear only new clothes. Ieyasu answered: "This is not something that you, foolish women, have to understand, but I will explain it to you, nevertheless. Come and listen."

He called a great number of the women together, and said: "The thing about which I have been most careful all my life, is not to offend the Way of Heaven. What the Way of Heaven hates most, is extravagance. Having seen all the treasure I have amassed here, in Sunpu, you no doubt think that it is much?" All of them agreed. "This is not my only treasure house," Ieyasu resumed, "I also have them in the capital, in Osaka and in Edo, all filled with gold, silver, cloth, and silk. So even if I would wear new clothes every day, what shortage could there ever arise? However, the reason why I have amassed [all this wealth] is, to dispense it at times to the people of the empire, or, by accumulating it for the future generations of my descendants, to prevent the state from ever being short of funds. Therefore, we should not waste even one robe." Although they were women, they were all [impressed by] the wisdom of his holy teaching and did obeisance to him as one does to a Buddha or a god, with the palms of the hands joined together.

Saving More than you spend

On Ideas in the Making

This is my first SETT post form another blog of mine, I'm in the Process of making this my main Blog


One of the biggest mistakes I see young people making is spending their money capriciously and not saving. If your bank account or investment portfolios aren't growing, or you are not expecting them to grow something is awfully wrong. S&P 500 has been shown to go up around 10% every year in the long run. There are treasury bonds and other investment vehicles as well which can ensure that your money is at the very least keeping up with inflation.

When I started earning some money last year I ended up investing or saving up 4/5 of it, and kept spending my money frugally and only splurged once or twice. Being frugal, saving up, and thinking about the future is crucial, especially at a young age because you have so much time for compound intrest to take hold

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