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Business Cards and a Website? Nahh, just get started.

Just got a question about getting good looking business cards and a website before opening a consulting business.

It just so happens I recently made some biz cards. There's two general schools of thought on good biz cards:

1. Do something traditional, but make it excellent quality. 2. Do something weird.

The latter is actually good when done right - something like giving away a guitar pick instead of a card, or something made of hard plastic, or metal, or something weird. I thought of just making a card that says "Sebastian Marshall - Strategist" on it, and nothing else. (I'd have to be really vigilant with my Google results if I did that!) But anyway, the weird approach is very case by case, and probably not what you're looking for.

The #1 case is much easier. You write down all your contact info you want on the card, you put your logo on a zip drive if you have a logo, and then you go to a high end print shop and tell them to make your card on the nicest paper, and let their designers do it for you. It'll cost you between $20 and $100 depending on if there's design fees or not. That's probably the fastest way to get nice cards made - just go to a good printshop and let them have at it.

Consumption and Investment

With money, you can generally use it to consume -- for present enjoyment and immediate benefit -- or to invest -- which will let you have more resources later, and if wisely invested, have higher consumption in the future (if that's your goal).

Time can be looked at the same way. You can use your time to consume, which would be some mix of leisure and enjoyment, or invest your time into gathering more resources, training up your skills, and producing.

But two points make time stand strongly apart from money. The first is, most people are neither really consuming their time, nor investing it. It's just passing, never to return. Time spent really fully engaged, in good company, with great music playing, with some mix of triumphant feelings or tranquility or peace or joy -- this is time well spent.

And likewise, pioneering and enterprising and building, even when it hurts, is time well spent.

But tally up the hours a person normally spends each week… how many of those hours are truly invested, or truly consumed well?

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