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How To Become A Faster Decisionmaker

Very good question from a reader -

Hi Sebastian,

Reading one of your latest blog posts you mentioned that you used to be extremely slow at making decisions. I was wondering if you have any advice on that. I usually have trouble making decisions when there is no clear pro's or con's to a certain choice. For example I'm not sure which programming language to use for my next (web) project.

Does it matter? No. All you need to do is output HTML, JSON or whatever data format you need it in. Python/Ruby have major sites written with them. I'm comfortable using both and don't really have a preference.

Somewhat frustrating that this holds me back when I could have built a prototype in the time I'm searching for "the right answer".

Nyeh Im scared?

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

- My fear of losing you turns to a fear of loving you -

*sigh* what to say about it? Hmmm...well, its pretty much just that. Always, I've always figured love simply didn't exist. Well, not for me anyways. So when I did eventually and shockingly ( o.o ) fall in love, it terrified me. *Terrifies me.

Still confused as to what I'm even saying (which btw, is why I'm even writing this~) so apologies in advance > .

Well I guess I do not what I want to say, but I just feel odd typing it XD Ummm lets see~ love is weird concept to me, I want it, its nice...makes me happy but...its so...


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