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1-on-1 Productivity and Asset Maximization Session With Sebastian Marshall

Hey everyone, I'm up on GiveGetWin today: 1-on-1 Productivity and Asset Maximization Session With Sebastian Marshall

Some of the stuff you'll be getting --

You're going to learn...

- Why aren't you getting stuff done? The biological basis of unfinished tasks- How to break bad habits- How to start your day in a productive and goal-oriented way by building a dashboard- How to stay on track with your priorities- High-tech & low-tech tools to increase your productivity- How to build a contact database and always find the right people to get your job done (and get started right during the training session with Sebastian)- How to build max out assets from projects and explode your portfolio: learn to make a completed project much more valuable. It's a stepping stone on the way up, not just one more thing checked off your todo list.- Personalized, hands-on 'getting-it-started' including...--> Get your own dashboard started for your production--> Get your contact database built and running--> Stay on track of your goals and priorities by setting some clear metrics--> Get a customized version of a post-project debrief to get thank-you letters, referrals, and testimonials--> And whatever else you want some hands-on help with. Sebastian will bring a tight value-packed agenda, and is also committed to helping you reach your productivity goals.

Not Being a Robot

On Tynan

One of my overarching goals in how I present myself is to be consistent. Although the relationships I have with my family, friends, acquaintances, and random people on the internet is always going to be different, I try to be the same person with all of those groups. I think authenticity is important, and this consistency is a sign of authenticity.

Try as I might, though, people who read my stuff online and then meet me in person are consistently surprised that I'm actually a happy guy who jokes around a lot and is more human than robot. I see why people expect me to be different, though. My writing tends to be serious and I'm always talking about habits or rules or working hard.

Although all of this rigidity is a big part of my life, it's also just the foundation. From the rigid parts of my life I'm able to get a tremendous amount of work done, keep myself healthy, and move towards my goals. But there's also a lot that it can't do. Rigidity doesn't build relationships or spark creativity, two important parts of life.

I think you learn a lot about someone when you see what he does when there's nothing he has to do. And I think by changing what you do when you have nothing to do, you can change what sort of person you are. I design my life to have as few as possible externally-dictated things that I absolutely have to do, and I create systems to fill that void. Every day I have sixteen hours ahead of me, and no one to tell me what to do in that time except myself.

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