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If You're Intelligent, Beware the Cleverness Disease

Maybe the biggest problem really intelligent people have is that they spend more time being clever than being effective.

I used to suffer from this disease of the mind. I'd want to do something new, novel, and fascinating - instead of just getting something done.

The really effective people I know, the people who make the biggest difference in the world, who make the best things, who get the most done, who live the best lives - they all are more concerned with getting something done that fits than with making it clever.

Over-researching relatively minor things is a great example. Take a quick look, get an understanding, choose one. Change later if it becomes an issue.

Trying to reinvent the wheel constantly.

A Slice of Humble Pie (Raw, of course)

On Tynan

For those who know me... well, even for people don't, it will come as no surprise when I say that I'm not a very humble person. I'm awesome, I'm aware of it, and I have no qualms making others aware of it. I pride myself on being self sufficient, and am generally of the opinion that if left on a deserted island I would not only survive, but flourish and create a civilization greater than the one we know now.

Anyone who was hoping I would some day be put in my place will probably really enjoy this post.

My mother and I had a bit of a tenuous relationship while I was in school. I would assure her that I was doing my homework, studying, and receiving good grades. My report cards would assure her otherwise, and usually she took their word over mine. We got along well, but the massive arguments spawned from school related issues cast a cloud over our relationship. Guess which parent accounts for my stubbornness and penchant for arguing.

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