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The Challenge In Spending Time Well

Some activities pay huge dividends and insane gains, but don't feel satisfying. The flipside is that some activities feel incredibly satisfying, but pay no gains at all.

Take cleaning the house. If you clean the hell out of your house, you're going to likely feel great. You work up a little sweat, use your muscles, and you can get into the zone for four or five hours. Afterwards, you feel you really accomplished something.

But… even in the very most expensive countries, a solid cleaning can be purchased for $50. If you've got any skills and hustle at all, you could make more than that in four or five hours, and probably build up some long-term asset value or connections in the process.

Yet, after a good thorough clean, you'll typically feel great.

Whereas "sitting there frustrated and confused trying to figure something out" is typically not enjoyable at all. Yet, frequently six hours of sitting there frustrating and going over the same problem over and over again will lead to major breakthroughs.

Beginner Client Wants To Buy Web Development Services From You...?

Question from a reader --

Instead of trying to sell him, educate him on what goes into web development, the usual costs, the chance of success/failure, what he needs to do to make itself, and the risks involved even if everyone does their part.

Don't try to sell him, just genuinely educate and let him know you'll be happy to participate if he wants to use you.

If he does use you, break it into discrete components where it could be "handed off" to another dev if anything goes off the rails... your potential client doesn't have experience as a buyer, so he might wind up being... umm, hard to work with.

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