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Turning Crumpled Paper Into Capital

I think many people fail to realize that small amounts of money -- those crumpled little notes of ten pounds sterling, the blue NTD bill, or the Andy Jack bills in America -- these things, worked correctly, turn into capital.

Yes, really, truly.

The process is simple: you open an account that's separate from your main bank account. (I like Capital One 360 checking, which gives a $50 bonus for joining, or Schwab Investor Checking which reimburses ATM fees).

My Insane Phone System

On Tynan

(For those RSS readers who didn't check out the comments on yesterday's post,yes, it was an April Fools day hoax.)

As you probably know, when I get into anything I take it to an extreme and often unreasonable level. Now my phone is no exception.

I already had a pretty cool phone setup. I ported my cell phone number to callcentric.com, a VOIP provider, who then forwarded it to my local cell phone. There were three problems with this, though:

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