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If you want to get rich, stop being a fucking joker

Get a coffee and some popcorn ready before you read this one. Love it or hate it, either way you'll be wildly entertained. Names and details changed, for obvious reasons.

Subject: Very important email from Sebastian. Please read ASAP.

This is a very important email. Please read it, wait 10-20 minutes before replying and just think about it (don't surf the web, just think), and then reply with your thoughts.

First, the tactical things -

1. Anyone one of you can use the following credit card to sign up for anything.

3. Dare blogging

On The Itinerant Tern

I like to think that I have tons of great ideas even though I don't actually know much about anything, so I tend to give lots of unsolicited advice. This is annoying and often hypocritical, because I rarely follow my own sweet sweet recommendations. I recently suggested SETT to a friend as a way to obtain a following, which may help him launch his creative projects in the future. The carrot was that I would make a blog if he did. Thus, I now have a blog on a dare.

Ok, so the first couple were easy, but now I've skipped a day. My only dedicated reader let me know of her disappointment. Not having anything of substance to write today led to another dare. I must write about my pickup skillz. So...

I would characterize myself as guy with below average looks and above average eyebrows. Nonetheless, I have been graced with what seems like a jihadist's bounty of sexy virgins in my young life. How do you do it Mr. K? Please teach us! Fine... I'll tell you, but only because I'm delusional and talking to myself.

The short answer is karma. I was clearly a saint in my past life. This is absolutely unfair and I am sorry that not everyone is as lucky as I.

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