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Webapp/business idea - GhostNotes

I've got a spreadsheet and a web browser open and I'm doing some research. I keep having to click back and forth. It'd be a lot better if I could take notes right on top of the web page, maybe have the spreadsheet transparent on top of the site I'm looking at.

1. Does anything like this currently exist? 2. If not, how hard would it be to do technologically?

I'd use it. A lot, actually.

A Lull

On Tynan

I know that a lot of people's favorite posts are the self improvement ones. They're the most gratifying to write, and also to read the comments on.

I'd write more of them, but I hate writing them unless I feel like I'm really exemplifying the topic. Otherwise it's disingenuous. My worst nightmare would be for this site to turn into one of those other "personal development" blogs, 99% of which are written by people whose lives are not particularly outstanding, that churn out productivity porn every day.

"Ten new ways to organize your todo list!"

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