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Split testing works. A very short case study from AgileTask.

A few months ago, I reviewed AgileTask in the post AgileTask Feedback. I liked it, and my biggest piece of feedback to Rob was -

The biggest one I’ve got for you – try tweaking your Call-to-Action. “Sign Up Now – 30 Days Free”

I’m almost certain you could get a higher conversion rate. Perhaps “Take it for a spin”

Or “Get Started – be rolling with AgileTask in 7 Seconds”

If you A/B test your call to action, I reckon you’ll be able to find one that gets people to try the product at a much higher rate.

Aftermath: The Motivation Hacker

On nickwinter.net

It's been almost six months since I published The Motivation Hacker, my book on how to get yourself to want to do what you always wanted to want to do. Here's what surprised me.

Sales (update: First Year Book sales)

I use a site called PredictionBook to compare my private guesses to reality for things like this. It helps me be less overconfident. I took a brutal calibration beating on my predictions for how many copies I'd sell in the first six months:

Here's how many I actually sold:

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