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Split testing works. A very short case study from AgileTask.

A few months ago, I reviewed AgileTask in the post AgileTask Feedback. I liked it, and my biggest piece of feedback to Rob was -

The biggest one I’ve got for you – try tweaking your Call-to-Action. “Sign Up Now – 30 Days Free”

I’m almost certain you could get a higher conversion rate. Perhaps “Take it for a spin”

Or “Get Started – be rolling with AgileTask in 7 Seconds”

If you A/B test your call to action, I reckon you’ll be able to find one that gets people to try the product at a much higher rate.

What's your time worth? "Can you keep the change and I can leave?"

How much do you value your time at?

If your income is tied to your performance at all, you shouldn't be spending time in line. Anyone who runs their own company, contracts/freelances, or bills hourly should never wait in line if they can help it.

But, unintuitively - even if you're salaried, waiting in line is a bad idea. It kills your mind. Nothing gets done. Your production is lower - across your whole life - if you spend time waiting in line. You'll never be able to measure for sure, but I reckon the man who spends a few bucks a week to not wait in line gets promoted faster, gets recruited more, gets more job offers, and larger bonuses.

In other words - I think the ROI on paying to not wait in line is pretty good.

So, try this - long line. You're buying a coffee for $3. Go over to a staff member doing something else (not the cashier), and say, "Hey, can I just leave a five here and get out of here, and you settle it and keep the change when things calm down?"

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