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Build Future Ability, Regardless of What Path You End Up On

Hi Sebastian,

I came across your blog while reading Dan Shipper's blog which I came across while reading Lifehacker which I probably found during some random web crawl. I usually don't write to bloggers/people-online much but you seem pretty cool about receiving and answering mail so here goes. I am not sure where your usual readership comes from but I am writing to you from Sri Lanka, which would most likely in the minority when it comes to your readership. :)

Your interests seem pretty varied on your blog, so I was wondering, how do you choose your particular 'line' or career, or where you ultimately want to head. Ideally one would want to specialize in something, but when your interests are varied, how do you figure out what you want to be. In various times of my life I have been interested in the pure sciences (Physics, Chemistry kind of stuff), computer science, I dabble in some photoshopping even though I am not great at it, I like music even though I am not great with an instrument, I like the idea of programming even though the thought of becoming good at it is too daunting, I like writing, even worked a bit on international relations, but haven't come across something I can devote myself to. It would be nice to find my calling before I grow old and die.

How would you choose where you want to go with your life if you just like everything?


Stop Pressuring Yourself To Master Meta-Areas

On Huan M. Nguyen

I've been putting myself under much self-pressure to figure things out.

An analogy I would make is that I'm trying to convince myself to swim, when I'm just barely staying afloat.

It's like going to the next level of something. There's the deeper levels that I keep pressuring myself to reach. There's a lot of meta- I keep thinking I need to work on and figure out. These things combine into a dragging sense of a massive, never-ending to-do list.

For example, I feel like I'm trying to swim by getting ahead on homework, when I'm only just keeping up. That leads me to thinking I need to improve my meta-schoolwork skills, which means analyzing and improving my current approach to school, homework, notetaking, and whatever else.

That's a single example, among other things swimming around in my head, like searching for a job, deciding where to live, as well as the myriad of other personal goals like fitness and hobbies. Each activity or goal has its own aspect, then ever-increasingly deep meta-aspects to it.

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