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The ambitious person's dilemma

If you're really ambitious, you expect that you're going to be doing important things for most of your life.

This brings us to an interesting dilemma.

When to stop training and start producing?

You could always train more, learn more, study more, before you start building and producing. It's almost always going to be a justifiable decision, especially if you're young.

There's many schools of thought on this. There's the "just get into action now" school of thought, who start hustling and taking actions right away. This is usually a good course that leads to results, but I think sometimes the move-move-move crowd misses out by maxing out in a small area. They get to the top of the game, but they never researched and planned whether it was the right game to play.

Active Fear, Passive Fear

When you're actively afraid, you know it. You can feel the fear pressing against you. Maybe you work through it and conquer it this time, or maybe you don't. But if you succeed, you know you worked through the fear. And you know if you fail, the fear beat you.

This is the type of fear you feel when you're about to do public speaking, make a cold call, ask for a raise at work, or do a difficult ski run.

And maybe sometimes you back down from whatever it is you were afraid of. It happens, and it's not the end of the world when it does. Fear winds up beating most people at least sometimes, in some domain.

Passive fear, on the other hand, is far more insidious. It's what Pressfield called "The Resistance" in The War of Art. It's a form of fear, but not one that shows itself. It's sneaky. You find the need to do some lower importance activity instead of doing your work.

Excuses abound, the important things don't get done.

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