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Getting Past Shiny Things: Choosing Core Metrics, Selecting Your Projects From Them

No one celebrates Thanksgiving in Taiwan, and my business partner is Canadian. But the majority of our clients are American, so the normal rigors of client calls and sales calls were wiped from the slate, leaving us a day to evaluate where exactly we were at.

It was both inspiring and shocking. If you're a small-business owner, I'd highly recommend you check out this post. I'm going to walk you through how we identified everything we could be doing, what we were doing well and poorly, and how we chose metrics to measure success and let that dictate our projects.


The first thing we wanted to do is figure out exactly what we had implicitly or explicitly committed to.

When we calculated how many internal projects and initiatives we had active, or that we wanted to start in the near future, we realized we had 42 current internal projects that would represent hundreds if not thousands of hours to complete.

Landmark Concerns Over Griefing and Player Punishments

On StratX

Everquest Next Landmark has struck gold(too much?) with MMO players in general. There's a lot of Ven-Diagram overlap involving those who have and have not played Minecraft, WURM Online and other, similar games. I've played my fair share of WURM Online, am currently obsessed with Minecraft and generally love any horizontal, sandbox gameplay; Always have, always will. Therefore, I'm not entirely surprised to hear whispers of the past from new MMO inductees and veterans who've never left the confines of the MMO-sphere. Whispers of player-punishments, annoyances and griefing.

Everyday we see new gamers enter the realm and it's highly likely we'll see spikes in recurring debates each time. I've been hanging out in a corner of the Landmark community, where the non-MMO player and the non-Minecraft player gather, and listening to some concerns over annoyances or punishing behavior, along with discussion on just what Landmark is, that would allow a player's work to get destroyed by mobs or griefed by other players.

This is interesting from multiple viewpoints. I'm a much older player who's also observed(not always correctly) many fads, topics and arguments come and go in the MMO space. I've also seen many games from the inside out that fill different roles and have already tackled concerns I'm hearing from Landmark players.

What Landmark is

Every year it gets harder to claim something as never-before-seen in gaming, and unless you've been hiding in a bunker with Sony Online Entertainment as your only source of news, then you've likely heard about Minecraft. And, in a sense, Landmark is a sophisticated Minecraft.

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