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We're testing Chatty

Edan Maor from Chatty just kindly invited us into beta testing for Chatty.

Chatty is instant Facebook-like chat for any website. Site visitors can group-chat with each other in one large chat room, and it gives site visitors a dead-simple way of interacting with one another. Chatty’s design, features and entire essence is about encouraging site users to engage in conversation with one another. The web is chock-full of information but what we are really after as people is not information but other interesting people. Chatty takes users closer to that end.

We're testing it out on the site. You can log in using Facebook Connect and chat with other readers.

Via email, here was my initial concerns about Chatty -

My first few thoughts/concerns btw -

The Ultimate Chesticular Routine – A Recipe for a 3D Chest

On Musings of a Dick

I try to stay away from writing about the actual specifics of training and bodybuilding. There's enough shit on T-Nation, Bodybuilding.com, and the like. Why waste time re-inventing the wheel?

Instead, I usually write about client psychology and behavior. There's a serious dearth of that in the industry. Let's create more shit around that.

There's one exception to this, and it's a place I can add a ton of value – building a 3D chest.

Everywhere I look, there are people who start lifting with Starting Strength and come out looking like centaurs.

On the contrary, I've taken my chest from something was sadly concave and turned it into my best body part. Really, the first thing that people notice about me is that my chesticular region might have its own gravitational pull.

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