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With which to grasp a sword or pen

Once days had passed And past gone by Time t'was to build statues So that men of earth would remain up'n ground And those who transcended Tweren't men

For statues have a certain way Of transmutation into pleasant forgetfulness That across the sands of Arabia The grasped scimitar in Saladin's hand Contained flesh and bones same as ours

T'would be dangerous indeed If those grounded souls Realized they had two eyes And two lungs which which which To see and breathe, much as van Gogh did

And worse, worse yet To the necessity of grounding Would be an identification With a Corsican lieutenant Or a young Virginian provincial officer

How well-cooked did Byron like his steaks, And could not all of us dream and fancy? And dream, as Shelly, and compose Perhaps not well, perhaps not, But at least enjoy the strain as they did?

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