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Evil? Maybe It's Just Fear + Expediency

The majority of "evil" -- or just nastiness -- I think is less due to malice, hate, or cruelty.

I think the majority of bad things people do happen because they're (1) afraid, and (2) they take the expedient course.

Fear is a mess, of course. Scared people do all kinds of idiot moves.

(Which isn't to say that fear is irrational. Maybe the fear is justified. But scared people do stupid and crazy things.)

But fear... fear is probably okay, even. If you work through it. If you understand it. If you take time and work at it.



“what i hate the most of being an insomniac is the way your friends say ‘good night’ one after another, and you know you’re gonna be aLone soon..”

i just tweeted that,, but now that i reaLLy think about it, i think i don’t reaLLy hate LoneLiness.. we’ve become best friends,,

i admit that after the Last of your friends said "bye", the siLence wouLd feeL aLmost unbearabLe.. but it never Lasted Long,, because then thoughts wouLd start fLowing into your head&fiLLing it with inspirations.. of course,, whether the inspirations were good or bad, it’s totaLLy another matter.. i mean they didn't practicaLLy turn me into neiL gaiman,, but yeah at Least the siLence gave me room and time to reaLLy think and contempLate.. and it was (in a way) a Luxurious feeLing that you might not be abLe to find in any other pLace or moment,,

i think we are the most underrated company of ourseLves.. when was the Last time you reaLLy taLk to yourseLf without any distraction??!? when was the Last time you reaLLy anaLyze things independentLy without any externaL impuLse Like teLevision, music, and others’ opinions??!? i’m sure most of you can’t even recaLL how it feeLs to converse with your own mind intenseLy about anything,, and i don’t bLame you.. because the mind might make the most unfriendLy company ever possibLe,, it doesn’t conceaL the truth and it doesn’t give you any consoLation.. but hey you are aLL you’ve got,, that’s why your mind makes the handiest bestie.. the mind’s a heartLess bitch (that means you are a heartLess bitch),, but when nobody’s Left beside you, who wouLd taLk you out of boredom and LoneLiness if not yourseLf??!?

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