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Strategist Dictum 1: Do Things For Reasons

Strategist Dictum 1: Do things for reasons.

So, what is this is absurd strategist nonsense I'm always going on about?

Good question.

Reflecting today on the nature of the world, I believe I have come to the core tenet of strategy. The one from which all other tenets flow, the quintessential, alpha-omega principle of strategy, which is -

Do things for reasons.

How much misery can you pack into 60 minutes?

I've got an ambient spacey up-tempo techno music playing loudly in my headphones as I work, so I can't hear what's going on around me.

But I certainly see it, and now I remember why I always used to get a table here facing the front glass of the restaurant, not facing towards the back.

There's a TV here. It's on. And the news is playing.

I'm in one of the safest cities in the world, Taipei, and yet it's constantly running through crime, criminals, muggings, break-ins... I don't know exactly, my Chinese wouldn't be good enough to understand each story if I could hear the TV.

Which I can't, because of the techno.

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