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Strategist Dictum 1: Do Things For Reasons

Strategist Dictum 1: Do things for reasons.

So, what is this is absurd strategist nonsense I'm always going on about?

Good question.

Reflecting today on the nature of the world, I believe I have come to the core tenet of strategy. The one from which all other tenets flow, the quintessential, alpha-omega principle of strategy, which is -

Do things for reasons.

Politicians vs Entrepreneurs

On Linus Rylander

I wonder what would happen if the entire population of a nation decided to not pay taxes. Might be a crime, but what are they gonna do? Put everyone in jail? No room.

Even if they had room, the money required to keep the prisons running would run out quickly. And since everybody's in prison, everybody would stop making money, so that even if the feds wanted more money, nobody would be making any money to give to them.

Taxes are based on the assumption that politicians know how to spend your money better than you do.

That's politics for you. The foundational assumption behind the very idea of politics is that we're all dealing with finite resources. Therefore, politics is all about the different ways to slice the pie. And they want us to vote for whoever comes up with the best way of slicing the pie.

Entrepreneurship, on the hand, is based on abundance. That we're not dealing with finite resources. We have endless intellectual capital. We can take meaningless things and make them meaningful. Entrepreneurs create things. They're creators. It's what we do.

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