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Please kindly note that I'm bombarded with email right now

I've set "clear email out" as a daily to-do objective every day for the last week, but haven't been able to do it. I'll spend a few hours answering and cutting down, and get even more while I'm doing it. The last few days, I've spent a lot of time with it and still wound up with more at the end of the day than when I started.

Some points to note:

1. I apologize if I miss something time sensitive. If it's short term important, please mark "URGENT" in the subject line. Normally you don't need to do that with me and I answer most of my email quickly, but I'm swamped. Mark urgent and don't feel bad about doing so if it's short term expiring.

2. If I haven't replied, it's not because I hate you.

3. If I'm terse, it also doesn't mean I hate you.

On Highly Creative Days, With Nothing Due

Sometimes I think about variance. The question is most interesting when you've got a day that's totally free and not blocked off with any appointments or requirements, and you wake up in a highly creative, very healthy mode.

On that kind of day, you've usually got between 8 and 18 hours to really make a big dent in whatever is important to you in your life. But, what to do?

The first and most interesting question to me is, "Should you do something you know will produce gains if you do it, or should you do something more speculative?"

There's a lot of activities that you already know will produce predictable results for you. You might have email to answer, or thank-you notes you've been meaning to write, or fulfillment work that's already on-schedule but which you could accelerate on this sort of day, or whatever is in your backlog of stuff to do.

There's also things like trying to come up with new lead sources, new marketing campaigns or product offerings, trying to write an ambitious piece of writing covering a topic that's interesting but stil fleeting, trying to create something new or break into some group or sphere you're not into currently...

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