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But, do you identify with it?

Nervousness, fear, panic, low morale, low mood, low energy -- all natural things that happen from time to time.

If you go spend an immense amount of time walking and your feet feel sore, you say, "My feet feel sore right now."

But lots of times, when someone feels nervous or scared, they say, "I'm a nervous person. I'm a fearful person."

But that's not necessarily true. You don't have to identify with a given mood. Just like sore feet, worries come and go. "I feel somewhat worried at the moment" saps most of the power from it. Identifying with the negative emotion makes it stronger; noting that it's just there and fleeting makes it grow much weaker.

Mission #4

On Rendered

Every Friday Leo asked us to blog about how we did with unprocrastination. I missed yesterday but it's one day late. I swear it's not because I procrastinated :p, just prefer to do it on saturday.

I didn't write down how I did but If i had to give it a number I think I had 80% success rate. The small habits I'm working on are my waking and pre-bed habits: 1) tidying up as I go; 2) stretches; 3) meditation/contemplation (mindfulness). I did tidy up all week as my room is organized, so is the kitchen, so is my desk and files. Some days it wasn't necessary to tidyup very long at all, so I'd do something extra, or just skip it. I have been stretching right after waking and before sleeping. I do a simple sun salutation and some cat cows and then some stretches on my back. I've did that this week at about 90%. For the 3rd, meditation/mindfulness, I've done that about 60%. I am working on being mindful of my emotions, so I've been using my feelings as a central point in my meditation. I forget to do it sometimes, or I start and get distracted.

2. What got in the way?

I think sometimes what got in the way was my craving to watch a show on my ipad instead before bed, or read. And then just kind of rush my rituals. in the morning, I also over slept and then didn't have time or just felt anxious so the whole point of stretching and mindfulness was focused around quelling my anxiety.

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