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The 1 to 10 Scale vs. The 1 to 10,000 Scale

Want to do a fun exercise?

Pick three of your top 3 skills.

Maybe it's programming, understanding systems, and playing guitar.

Maybe it's writing, connecting with people, and throwing great parties.

Maybe it's throwing great events, making people feel fantastic, and having a great eye for aesthetics.


On Huan M. Nguyen

A critical part of the mastery process is internalization.

There's a point that's reached where you'll perform an action. Outwardly, it looks the same. But on the inside is where the immense difference is, and the distinctive factor between two people of different skill level.

To use a physical example, take tennis. Any number of people might approach a standard forehand stroke and have it look exactly the same, but the point may have a totally different outcome.

One person is thinking: Okay, forehand stroke! Move, feet, shuffle, backswing, keep hand on throat, drop racquet, swing up and through, finish, and recover!

And that person will have a good stroke. At the same time, a second person could execute the exact same action and look the exact same, but the thoughts running through their head will be on a higher level.

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