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"Nahh, that wouldn't work"

After having it recommended to me for the fifth time, I finally read through Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. It didn't seem like it'd be interesting to me, but I was really mistaken. It's fantastic.

One thing I noticed is that Harry threatens people a lot. My initial reaction was, "Nahh, that wouldn't work."

It wasn't to scrutinize my own experience. It wasn't to do a google search if there's literature available. It wasn't to ask a few friends what their experiences were like and compare them.

After further thought, I came to realization - almost every time I've threatened someone (which is rarely), it's worked. Now, I'm kind of tempted to write that off as "well, I had the moral high ground in each of those cases" - but:

1. Harry usually or always has the moral high ground when he threatens people in MOR.

Dealing drugs with lung cancer.

On The Rocky Road To Nihon

Today we have a "First Impression".

It will be about "Breaking Bad". Show's as I know already finished, but I began watching it like 3 days ago. And I gotta admit, It's a hell of a show. I'm on the start of season 2 and I am entertained enough to watch it to the end. I suppose so anyway.

For those living under a rock, It's a show about an overqualified chemistry teacher. It turns out he has a lung cancer, and he wants to leave some money for his family before he's gone. I won't spill the whole thing, because I'd destroy it for you. As for the first season I gotta admit it deserves the "Fucking Awesome" title in every way. Why?

First things first, the acting level is such an overkill. Seriously, these actors could play in "Twilight" and it would make that goddamn thing watchable, hell, even engaging. The acting is so good that you don't even notice it. It's like you're watching a real thing happening on some secret cameras. Second, the show is really well written. And it's well written, because it's real. It could have happened, it has a chance of happening and it's not this CSI/NCIS or some paranormal bullshit. You are watching a man, that has been working for a society just "Break Bad". And he's doing it only for his family. Hell, I can't judge the whole story yet, but as for the first impression, I am astonished.

There's a lot of other great written characters that I'd gladly tell you about, but I just can't. The less I talk about that show the better. Don't search any other info on it, just believe me and download it. Watch it.

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