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Stealing Sleep

I'm stealing sleep again! I love it!

Ah, yes, what's "stealing sleep"?

It's a dangerous but interesting strategy. It means having a hectic, busy schedule where you run on low sleep, and grab naps/short sleeps of between 20 minutes and 2-4 hours when you have a free chance.

I'm... not recommending it. But it can be a good time...

For me, at least, every time I sleep my mind kind of "resets" to some extent. Or something like that. Thus, for a short period of time (weeks, at most), I can get a lot more high level work out of myself when I'm on this kind of schedule.

Friday Review 2014.07.11

On LL Change Labs

1. How did I do?

Great. I did my morning rotune each day, adding in waking up at a particular time: 6:30.

2. What got in the way?

It was hard to get up right when my alarm went off in some days even when I had gotten enough sleep.

3. What can I do next week differently to remove those impediments?

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