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Stealing Sleep

I'm stealing sleep again! I love it!

Ah, yes, what's "stealing sleep"?

It's a dangerous but interesting strategy. It means having a hectic, busy schedule where you run on low sleep, and grab naps/short sleeps of between 20 minutes and 2-4 hours when you have a free chance.

I'm... not recommending it. But it can be a good time...

For me, at least, every time I sleep my mind kind of "resets" to some extent. Or something like that. Thus, for a short period of time (weeks, at most), I can get a lot more high level work out of myself when I'm on this kind of schedule.

How To Stop Procrastinating And Do What's Important

On Cameron Chardukian

"I'm going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow!"

--Sam Levenson.

I used to be a BIG procrastinator. I never did things until they absolutely needed to be done. If I was at an average weight I wouldn’t start working out until I got fat. If I had homework I wouldn’t start doing it until my favorite TV show was over. I never did things until the last minute and as you can imagine that produced a lot of unnecessary stress.

I’m still not perfect, (I’m supposed to be a morning writer and I didn’t start writing this until 12:30), but I’ve improved my habits and learned a lot about procrastination in the last few years. We’ll discuss some of the things I’ve learned and the strategies I’ve used to improve this area of my life below.

What Causes Procrastination?

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