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Mark This Down and Watch Me

Edit: I gave up on financial goals in late 2011 after some huge financial and artistic wins... money shouldn't be taken too seriously. For the record, they were all basically on track, some were being massively exceeded, others were a bit behind schedule, but were all happening.

I set my next 10 years of financial goals on June 28th. That was exactly a month ago.

1 year - Critical Thinking [my first book] out. Blog income trickling. Some info products. Some freelancing. Something else, some X-Factor thing bringing in cash. Net monthly income positive. Health insurance. $50,000 in the bank. Expenses = income per month minimum.

3 years - 3 to 5 books out, many products out, blog income robust, some working on big exciting deals. $10,000 per month total, $5000 passive at least. First property owned. $300,000 in the bank.

5 years - 7-10 books out, many many products out, many passive income internet properties, working on big exciting things, $50,000 per month total, $40,000 passive at least. $1,000,000 in the bank.

Mission 3: Taming the Beast

On The Delightful Starfish

This past week I began our third mission. I soon discovered it was hard to locate 3 small tasks that I had been putting off. Why? The Sea Change unprocrastination habit this past February seems to have helped me more than I had realized. Thanks, Leo.

The first two days, I completed a few odds and ends. On Day 3, I turned my attention back to the Manual Settings Monster. It's big and scary. It's going to take a lot of 10-minute chunks to tame that beast. I’ve been rattled every time I’ve started my 10-minute session.

Each day, I've used the time to begin to explore the camera's settings. I located aperture priority on the mode dial. I reviewed the user's manual. I printed and read the article I mentioned in my first post. I sent several more related articles to my Kindle Paperwhite and studied those. I also reviewed the ISO setting, as it affects the aperture. I located it on my camera and learned how to change it.

Today I decided to be brave and spend 10 minutes using the aperture priority setting to take a few photos. I also decided to use manual focus for the first time, instead of automatic focus. Here's how that went. Ha! Who knew a camera lens could have two different rings—one for the zoom and one for the focus. It's quite obvious I was using the wrong one, isn't it? Curses! Now I know. I trudge forward, refusing to be defeated. 10 minutes a day and accountability with our team will get me there.

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