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Does imagining what it's like to be more intelligent, more effective, etc., make you more intelligent, effective, etc.? I think maybe yes.

"If I was more effective, what would be I doing right now?"

"If I was more intelligent, how would I approach this problem?"

Sometimes I ask myself these questions, and oftentimes I get good answers.

"If I achieve everything I set out to achieve, what would I have done? How would I have done it? What would I have done right now at this moment?"

I like that last one. Very very useful sometimes.

"There isn't one"

Yesterday I asked you to think in, "A Brain Teaser With a Right Answer" -

What’s the difference between a person who is genuinely very useful and a person who just does useful things for people all the time because he wants to appear to be very useful?

I got a bunch of good comments and perspectives. A couple people nailed the answer I'd give dead-on, or wrote similar -

"There isn't one."

It's always interesting for me to see how people weight intentions and results.

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