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The Nature of Religion

Hello Mr. Marshall!

I have been a reader of your blog for quite a while now, and I decided it's time to try to connect with you. I am very impressed by the quality of your blog posts and I enjoy reading them daily. And I am aware that you don't have much time for reading emails lately (which is good, people reach out to you and they should reach out. It is great that you offer yourself like this!), so I'll try to keep my first email brief.

I am starting to grow an interest in existentialism, religious and spiritual philosophy. Since I'm just starting this field I would like to start off with the right material, so I was wondering if you could recommend me some books or other material on these subjects?

Of course I completely understand if you don't have time for it, or if this email flies right into the trash folder - some things are not meant to be.

In any case, I wish you kind regards. S

Random Argentina likes and dislikes

On The Blog of Damon

Today I present a few random likes and dislikes regarding life in Argentina. Espero que disfruten!


1. Perception of engineers

I studied Industrial Engineering from the University of California Berkeley. One culture difference that I love is the image that the engineer title carries here. In the US the level with which people lose interest when you tell them you're an engineer is amazing. While I was in Chile I was chatting to an American girl who asked me what I did. Upon declaring I was an engineer she yelled "Borrrrrrrrring" in my face. Meanwhile at the same table the local Chileans had a higher level of respect for engineers and wanted to know what kind I was and what I was doing with my degree. The status of engineers in Latin America is much more akin to US doctors or lawyers.

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