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Video: When Forced to Choose, I Choose the More Absurd Way...

...and other thoughts on creating content, being pro-victory/pro-wealth/pro-expansion.

Jason Shen posted up a video, "Further Thoughts on “Winning Isn't Normal"" -

I appreciate the mention in there, and I thought, yeah, let's try this video thing more.

This video includes:

-Quick thanks to Jason

Be The Best on Your Worst Day

On Tynan

My cousins, who are mostly younger girls, and I just finished watching season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter together. My brother is a big UFC fan and bought the pay-per-view fight last Christmas between, amongst other people, Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate. That fight hooked all of us.

A lot of the show is real-world style nonsense that we'd sometimes talk over or fast forward through, but it had a lot of great fights and some insight into Ronda Rousey, who is really a remarkable individual. Her mother was a judo champion, she was a judo champion, and now she's the best female fighter in her class. Besides all that, she has incredible discipline and attitude.

My favorite quote from her was when someone, a favorite to win, was slacking off a bit. She told them that they weren't training to win this fight or even to be the best; they were training to be the best on their worst day.

Wow. Training to be the best on your worst day. A lot about this idea appeals to me. I like hardcore mindsets and the pursuit of excellence, and I'm a strong believer in the idea that your true measure is your performance on bad days.

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