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"Why And How I Started Travel Hacking (And Why You Should, Too)" by Algis Tamosaitis

Algis Tamosaitis is the author of "Rock Your Travel" and has graciously joined up for a GiveGetWin deal -- where you'll get a copy of his book, time to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts, and then he'll show you the ropes during an intimate session of helping you and a small group plan travel itineraries, make sure you're earning mileage, and answer all your questions so you're traveling in style.

"Why And How I Started Travel Hacking (And Why You Should, Too)" by Algis Tamosaitis, as told to Sebastian Marshall

I was exploring and experiencing the world from the very beginning.

Paulo Ribeiro: "Doing Big Things Across Borders"

Paulo Ribeiro is one of the team at GiveGetWin, and a blogger on strategy in Portugese at his site Estrategistas. He recruited Timothy Kenny recently and worked with Zach Obront to launch an excellent deal on Accelerated Learning For Entrepreneurs. 

This is the first GiveGetWin deal that I didn’t personally touch before launch -- meaning we’re growing into a real organization and our processes are starting to work. They kicked a lot of ass with this, and I asked Paulo if he’d like to write up his experience. Here’s what he wrote up for you --

"Doing Big Things Across Borders" by Paulo Ribeiro

If someone asked me a couple of years ago whether I thought it was possible to do work that you like, be connected to great people and still make impact on the world, I’d probably say no. But hey, that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. And enjoying the heck out of it.

I had an insight a few of weeks ago and asked myself: “if I had an income 1000x bigger, what would I be working on right now?” And GiveGetWin stayed on top of my priorities. I guess that’s the beauty of it: if you like to do the stuff no matter how much money you’re making, that’s probably making you happier (without needing the money).

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