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Finish and Thus Don't Duplicate

Want to hear one of the strangest things I've found by time tracking?

Often, a really big and important task will only take 20 minutes of time to do when I sit down to get it done.

The thing is, it's not really 20 minutes. It's 20 minutes of action, after already spending three hours thinking about it over the course of a few days.

But it dawns on me - the hardest part of many hazy tasks is figuring out what to do. Almost any time we look at a hard task, our mind runs through the quick options and makes a decision.

A lot of times, we leave things alone if there's no great action to take. But, that means we're probably duplicating the thinking part of the effort many, many times.

The thing with depression...

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

...is that you don't really know what it is. Its not something tangible, you can't pinpoint it and to be honest that just makes it worse. Well, I guess that's obvious ._. It leaves you asking yourself questions you don't necessarily really want to think about. Like if crying makes you weak, if actually feeling that way in the first place makes you weak. Why can't you do anything? Why is it so hard?

Its difficult to deal with since you can't always tell where it comes from. Im a very fortunate person, much more so than many other people and like I said in previous posts, my problems are hardly the worst that people my age deal with. My parents are very loving, its hardly their fault that I don't always return their love, my friends are supportive its not their fault I have trust issues, my school work isn't always that hard but it does stress me out and yeah I guess its a factor of how stressed out I feel at times. I have people I can rely and turn to, a great relationship with my sisters and my boyfriend, I don't have any bodily trouble that affects me on a day to day basis or any mental problems (that I know of XD) so I don't really understand why at times I honestly feel like Im completely worthless, like everything I do is hopeless, like I should just end it all and die.

And I feel soooo ungrateful for being like this > .

So QOTD (thanks for correcting me lessie ^0^): for people who've dealt with depression, can you pinpoint why? How does it feel for you? And for people who haven't, what's your views on it? Can you give me some reasons as to why you aren't depressed? Or just a list of what keeps you floating ^ ^

A list of what keeps you going would be really appreciated from anyone~! As always, thank you guys

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