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The Two Meanings of "Social Contract"

There seems to be two very different ways that the phrase "social contract" is used.

The first is an unspoken conduct agreement between two people. If you hire a great guitar player to teach you guitar lessons once a week, are you allowed to cancel? Is your instructor? How much notice? Is it okay if he's drunk or halfway-preoccupied during your lesson?

How much formality is there? If you don't do the recommended lesson from last time, how disappointed will your instructor be?

How prepared must you both be?

This is a social contract that's actually a social contract. Sure, there's edge cases - even if it's expected that both of you are always at the lesson on-time, prepared, and ready to go immediately, there's still an exemption if you have a family emergency or serious illness or whatever.

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On Cameron Chardukian

I’m sitting in my basement trying to write.  My mind is blank.  It’s interesting how we can make something as simple as writing difficult.  Often we know the first logical action to take when working towards a goal, but for some reason don’t take it. 

When I first sat down to write I had one goal.  Complete an article before getting up from my chair. I had a clear objective goal, but I didn’t know how I was going to get there.

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