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Producing is a Million Times Better Than Consuming

If I ate the finest cuisine every meal, every day, for 10 years straight - it still wouldn't be as satisfying as the joy that comes from creating something worthwhile.

Building things that matter. Doing things that matter. This is so much more satisfying than consuming.

I eat plain oatmeal, brown rice with tunafish on it, drink black coffee, eat some fruits and vegetables, and try to eat light. Nutrition, not pleasure. But still - there is quite a lot of pleasure in a simple bit of tuna on rice or pasta. That right there is pretty enjoyable - it gives me fuel, keeps me going, gives me life.

How much better is the finest chef's meal than plain tuna on brown rice? Somewhat better, I guess. I've eaten really, really nice food. My favorite is chutoro nigiri, the slightly fatty part of the tuna. It's a delicacy. I had a $15 piece of chutoro once. It was great.

But was it much better than plain tuna on brown rice? Not so much. Creating, producing, building - that gives so much more satisfaction.

The ambitious person's dilemma

If you're really ambitious, you expect that you're going to be doing important things for most of your life.

This brings us to an interesting dilemma.

When to stop training and start producing?

You could always train more, learn more, study more, before you start building and producing. It's almost always going to be a justifiable decision, especially if you're young.

There's many schools of thought on this. There's the "just get into action now" school of thought, who start hustling and taking actions right away. This is usually a good course that leads to results, but I think sometimes the move-move-move crowd misses out by maxing out in a small area. They get to the top of the game, but they never researched and planned whether it was the right game to play.

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