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Days Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven: One Amazing, One Very Good

Day Twenty-Six turned out to be incredible.

Lately, I've been working a practical process to get into "High Creative Mode" -- I think has a high hit-rate for getting into that Mode, but I'm not able to consistently execute it. D26, I did --

Strange opening to the day. Didn't sleep on the 15th to force-normalize my sleep schedule.

Woke up at 12:30AM after roughly 8 hours -- earlier than I expected, but I felt awake and refreshed.

First 90 minutes of day I spent reading, answered a couple emails, surfed the net, had water and coffee, was a little groggy. I'm waking up now.


On betternotstop

OK, I admit it that's exactly what has been happening this last week. ANYONE that is ANYONE that goes to Koh Phanghan and calls it travelling is a LIAR. Mel and I had originally found a 15 bed mixed dorm but after much persuasion from me (namely that I would pay ANYTHING not to do that) we grabbed a bungalow just off the beach for what was originally planned a chill out few nights before the Full Moon Party. So of course this happened....

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