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Job Market Rut, eh?

Just got an email from a reader who is having a hard time getting a job in his industry in his home country, dislikes some things about his culture, and it's leading to him feeling like he's in a bit of a rut. Here's my reply -

I see 2-3 basic themes here.

1. Job market

2. Home country or not

3. General feelings about yourself

Unprocrastination Mission Reflections

On Mindful Change

Leo tasked us with doing 10 minutes of unprocrastionation daily. Ideally, 2-3 small items that take just a few minutes each. I've long had a personal policy of taking care of things that take such a small amount of time right away so I couldn't think of anything that fit the bill and instead just worked on my paper pile each day. Until today. When I remembered that my little cat is overdue for her vet appointment (and her seizures have been getting worse).

So I picked up the phone and made the appointment. Easy peasy. I'd been putting it off because I hate putting her in her carrier (though I suspect she hates it more) and she really doesn't deal well with going to the vet. Also I wanted my husband to go with me when I take her and it's been hard to get him to commit to a time. If you have tips on getting a feral born cat into a carrier I'd love to hear them!

Since I had more time left in my 10 minutes I tried to schedule my family's annual physical exams but after holding for 10 minutes twice and having their system hang up on me (apparently 10 minutes is the max hold time?) I decided to try another day and added it to my to do list for next week.

Some of the things this week's mission made me realize:

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