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Clean Up the Oatmeal Before It Dries

One of my favorite foods is oatmeal. It's a complex carb with a high amount of fiber, so you feel full all morning after eating it. It's dirt cheap. It's incredibly easy to make - you stir some boiling water into it. Thus, you can make it even without a full kitchen, like if you're in a hotel. The taste is kind of bland, nothing special, but you get used to it pretty quickly. If you want to spice it up more, any kind of fruit mixes well into it. If you're training, you can stir in flax seed for higher calories and protein, and then it takes on roughly the taste and texture of soft pretzels.

I love the stuff. I eat it whenever I can, which is pretty often. However, there's one downside of oatmeal - it's brutal to clean if you let it dry on a plate.

It's trivially easy to clean if you clean it while it's hot. Run a sponge over it once, or even just rinse a few times with very hot water. But after the stuff dries, it becomes a nightmare to scrape off.

I try to clean up immediately after breakfast, but sometimes I read, or write, or work on spec'ing something out with breakfast, and I might get lost in thought.

The time needed to clean up the oatmeal goes up drastically the longer you let pass. Clean up right after eating? 20 seconds or so. Three hours later? A few minutes. And if you let a whole day pass? You're going to be scrubbing that bowl in the sink for 10+ minutes.

The Pomodoro Technique: Be More Productive, Get More Done Today

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The Pomodoro Technique: More Free Time And Less Fried Tomatoes

1. Create a list of what you have to do todayIn 5 minutes WRITE DOWN everything you should do today. No matter the order or importance. What matters is to actually write out the list.

2. Prioritize the most important things to FINNISH todayWhat is the most important thing on that list? Can you finish today? If not, what do you have to do to advance as much as possible with this task?

3. Bust out your cell phone and open the clock appDo I really need to explain this? Just do it!

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