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Job Market Rut, eh?

Just got an email from a reader who is having a hard time getting a job in his industry in his home country, dislikes some things about his culture, and it's leading to him feeling like he's in a bit of a rut. Here's my reply -

I see 2-3 basic themes here.

1. Job market

2. Home country or not

3. General feelings about yourself

The Pomodoro Technique: Be More Productive, Get More Done Today

On The Mighty You

The Pomodoro Technique: More Free Time And Less Fried Tomatoes

1. Create a list of what you have to do todayIn 5 minutes WRITE DOWN everything you should do today. No matter the order or importance. What matters is to actually write out the list.

2. Prioritize the most important things to FINNISH todayWhat is the most important thing on that list? Can you finish today? If not, what do you have to do to advance as much as possible with this task?

3. Bust out your cell phone and open the clock appDo I really need to explain this? Just do it!

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